What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

The organization achieves its objectives through:

The Organisation achieves its objectives by providing multi-stakeholder platforms, each geared towards addressing unique challenges that require cooperation between private and public sectors. The platforms are consultative and collaborative. We make evidence based public policy recommendations to national governments, regional bodies and continental inter-governmental institutions and organs on better policies that shape a better Africa. The philosophy that informs our policy recommendations is that African solutions must be applied to Africa’s problems to create shared prosperity, reduce poverty levels on the African Continent.

African Business Coalition – the African Business Coalition (ABC) is a coalition of Pan African business leaders and experts from across the African continent formed for business to collectively address economic developmental challenges of Africa. Its objective is to ensure that the private sector plays a central part to seeking solutions to Africa’s challenges.

The ABC achieves its objectives through:

  • Collaborating with public institutions to support the design and implementation of national, regional, and continental policies that contribute to a business-friendly regulatory environment which creates jobs and a strong African economy;
  • Collaborating with public and non-governmental institutions at local, national, regional and continental level on:
  • The implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and private sector development,
  • Promotion of good corporate governance and socially responsible business practices that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and aspirations of the AU Agenda 2063.
  • Poverty alleviation and shared prosperity initiatives,

Fund For Disaster Relief Programmes – an initiative by the Pan African Private Sector to address and provide support for relief during periods of natural disasters to marginalized communities and to support initiatives for youth entrepreneurial education. As the business community, the private sector is part of the broader citizenry and therefore must be collectively at the forefront of the fight against natural and man-made emergencies on the continent.

Coalition of Women in Public Policy – capacity building programmes for women in public policy, mentorship and peer exchanges for women in public policy and mentorship for girls and women to play an active role in policy formulation on the Continent.

Annual Cooperation and Multi-Sectoral Peer Exchange Meetings – between private and public sectors for increased collaboration. These meetings give business representatives the opportunity to engage in a dialogue at local, national, regional, continental and global level with key decision-makers and it demonstrate that collectively, business can play a key part in developing solutions to the most pressing issues in Africa.