IATF2023 - The AfCFTA marketplace

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), in collaboration with the African Union and the AfCFTA Secretariat, brings you the 3rd Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF2023).

IATF2023 will provide a unique and valuable platform for businesses to access an integrated African market of over 1.3 billion people with a GDP of over US$3.5 trillion created under the African Continental Free Trade Area.




The Organisation for Global Africa Cooperation “OGAC” is a Pan African independent not-for-profit organization for public private cooperation.

OGAC is a platform for cooperation amongst thought-leaders in business, government, civil society and other important sectors of African societies.

Our Vision and Mission

  • MISSION: The organization provides a platform for multi-sectoral thought leadership on:
    • Sound policies that promote good governance, growth and development and socio-economic transformation of the landscape in Africa.
    • The implementation of the AfCFTA;and Responsible business conduct; promotion of trade and investments to foster regional cooperation and integration for the common goal of economic growth, peace and development in Africa.
    • fostering connections, networks, peer exchanges and external linkages with the world on African development and Rebranding the continent of Africa.
    • The leading global platform for cooperation for a Better Africa.

Our Approach

    • We CONNECT ➢ we bring communities, youth, governments, business and other integral stakeholders on the African continent as well as external partners together to share ideas, exchange best practices and peer experiences on a range of policy issues;
    • We INFLUENCE ➢ we encourage and work with governments, institutions and other organs for Better Policies continentally, regionally and nationally for the Africa We Want.
    • We ADVOCATE ➢ for the harmonization of standards, norms and governance policies across all countries on the Continent to facilitate the implementation of the AFCFTA and regional integration. Better Standards for the African We Want.

Why our Work Matters

The new decade presents tremendous opportunities for economic growth, trade, investments, and socio-economic transformation on the continent. With the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area at the end of the last decade. Africa has never been better positioned to collectively address the challenges it faces and leverage the opportunities presented to it.

The opportunities at hand for Africa demanded a renewed and heightened urgency for COLLECTIVE ACTION AND COOPERATION by Africans from all sectors to engage, debate, and stimulate thinking on top priorities to pursue and advance for Africa’s common goals. On the other hand, Africa exists within an increasingly interconnected world that faces new and unique threats and opportunities. The accelerating shifts taking place in the international order coupled with technological advances and the emergence of an empowered Africa have led to unprecedented interests from global partners to participate in Africa’s development. As a result, Africa stands at the cups of a new commanding global position in its engagements with foreign partners.

How can you collaborate with us?

There are several ways to collaborate with us and the communities working together to shape a Better Africa.

  • Through participating in OGAC platforms and projects
  • Sharing your views in our meetings
  • Writing and producing policy briefs on key and current issues.