Who We Are

Who We Are


The Organisation for Global Africa Cooperation “OGAC” is an independent not-for-profit organization for public private cooperation.

OGAC is a platform for cooperation amongst thought-leaders in business, government, civil society and other important sectors of African societies. Its goal is to bring the contribution of the private sector to the core of Africa’s development, to advocate for public policies that create a conducive environment for businesses of all sizes to grow, to create jobs, grow the economy and ensure that the private sector, along with all key stakeholders on the continent, contributes to Africa’s growth and integration.

for private and the public sectors in Africa to dialogue on Africa’s emerging opportunities and challenges in the new decade and set a common agenda and set of priorities to pursue African development

for Africa to engage with existing and emerging global partners for Africa’s growth and development.

It is an organization committed to the full participation of all sectors in African societies in the improvement and promotion of a vision for a Better Africa.

The new decade presents tremendous opportunities for economic growth, trade, investments and socio-economic transformation on the continent. With the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area at the end of the last decade, Africa has never been better positioned to collectively address the challenges it faces and to leverage the opportunities presented to it.

The opportunities at hand for Africa demand a renewed and heightened urgency for COLLECTIVE ACTION AND COOPERATION by Africans from all sectors to engage, debate and stimulate thinking on top priorities to pursue and advance for Africa’s common goals. On the other hand, Africa exists within an increasingly interconnected world that faces new and unique threats and opportunities. The accelerating shifts taking place in the international order coupled with technological advances and the emergence of an empowered Africa have led to unprecedented interest from global partners to participate in Africa’s development. As a result, Africa stands at the cusp of a new commanding global position in its engagements with foreign partners.