Africa Business Coalition

Africa Business Coalition


A vibrant private sector is the engine of growth which generates decent jobs and creates increased opportunities for more inclusive and green growth. While government can empower poor people through regulation, funding and providing public goods, private initiative can also provide services and generate much needed employment. A large and formal private sector can also be a strong advocate for policy reform and a force for good governance, establishing a virtuous circle in which an improving business environment brings private sector growth, which in turn strengthens governance reforms”.

The African Development Bank – Private Sector Development Strategy.



The African Business Coalition (ABC) is an initiative of the Organisation for Global Africa Cooperation.

The organization aims to promote private sector driven thought – leadership, serve as a unified voice of business across the continent of Africa. The platform is Africa conceptualized, Africa led, Africa managed and enables African businesses to identify African issues without any external influence. It is the premier platform to convene African businesses on the Continent.

The ABC was also set up to provide private sector feedback and guidance to boost the AU’s efforts towards African economic integration. Aside from providing private sector feedback on the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFCTA), ABC also identifies priority areas for consideration by the AU Leaders. Accordingly, the ABC’s activities are primarily focused on reviewing and identifying issues to facilitate and promote economic cooperation and integration in Africa.

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ABC is the representative organization for private sector on the Continent and aims to ensure that policies and rules negotiated or legislated locally, nationally, regionally, continentally and globally are supportive of business growth and entrepreneurship more broadly. ABC collaborates with public institutions and the public sector to support the design and implementation of policies that create jobs and strengthen the competitiveness of the African economy.

There is currently unified and coordinated private sector engagement with governments and the African Union matters affecting development, harmonization of policies to expand the African market forestablished and emerging businesses and increasing intra-Africa trade.

The lack of a coordinated voice and active engagement in development policies by the private sector limits the role of business in playing a meaningful role in addressing issues that continue to plague Africa despite the recent progress recorded. The implementation of the AfCFTA will require an organized African Private Sector that speaks with one voice on the priority areas for the implementation of the Free Trade Area Agreement.

Whilst several businesses have initiated social as well as economic programmes to facilitate and support growth on the continent, such efforts are fractured and there is little cooperation amongst the leading businesses to address the continent’s challenges as a collective and thereby harness the power of an organized African private sector to build a Better Africa.

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  • To bring together businesses on the continent to debate and address some of the Continent’s most pressing issues.
  • Take the lead in coordinating inputs from the private sector, including large businesses, SMMEs, business councils, associations, Chambers and other entities
  • Harness the collective resources of the private sector to contribute towards the AU Agenda 2063
  • Implement a more inclusive and consultative process involving the private sector on the AfCFTA and broad priority plans and policies of the AU.
  • Assist relevant African business councils and associations to institutionalize within each organisation a consultative process on the AfCFTA, including the SMMEs, entrepreneurs and the Informal Sector.
  • Existing as an independent organisation, whose position is recognised at the highest levels within the African Union, the African Union Commission and AU member states.

What We Do

ABC is a platform for businesses of all sizes operating on the African continent to conduct analysis, engage government and for peer exchange of experiences and ideas on policies that impact business strategies that influence the legislative processes and improve competitiveness of African private sector.

The focus for engagement amongst private sector players and the public sector institutions, nationally, continentally and globally will be on policies for:

  • private sector development;
  • the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and,
  • promotion of good governance, particularly corporate governance and socially responsible business practices. These will be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and the aspirations for AU Agenda 2063.
  • Strengthening good governance on the continent.
  • poverty alleviation and shared prosperity initiatives,

How can you collaborate with us?

There are several ways to collaborate with us and the communities working together to shape a Better Africa.

  • Through participating in OGAC platforms and projects
  • Sharing your views in our meetings
  • Writing and producing policy briefs on key and current issues.